Actions stations at Designer Man Cave

Woah what a busy couple of months it has been in the cave! There is a Designer Man Cave project brewing that I’m really excited to share with you as it progresses. Approached by a commercial client who is setting up a brand new business for men in Sydney CBD, I was absolutely delighted to be engaged to interior design and project manage a space for gents. I have started a visual journal of this journey for none other than the fact that this project is so freaking exciting that it needs to be documented….

Designer Man Cave_man cave project_7

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Stylish dining rooms

Winter and rain has definitely settled in and with the declining appeal to go out to dine, I thought it was time to put the spotlight on dining rooms at home. It’s not often the priority in a man space and it is commonly shuffled down the to-do list after living room and bedroom. Quite often, the dining table is a multitasking area – work desk, dumping ground….but for those occasions, especially in the colder months where staying at home to eat is a more cosy, dryer option to going out, I’ve gathered some inspiration of stylish dining rooms.  Who knows, it may even encourage you to ‘get your host on’ and start entertaining….

Dining room_5_Designer Man Cave

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In The Sac

I would like to introduce you to a home product that may just improve the way you sleep, forever. Combine this awesome product with the philosophy of ‘laid-back luxury’ and we have ourselves a brand that is right up the Designer Man Cave alley. In The Sac is a collection of pure bed linen that also solves the problem of overheating and sweating during the night which can cause uncomfortable, restless sleeps. Sound familiar? Knowing this is a common issue for men, I HAD to share this fabulous Sydney based company with you…

In The Sac_graphite sheets

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The 6 biggest mistakes most professional men make – by Mike Campbell

Does this sound familiar…

You graduate from University and get straight into the workforce, cutting your teeth at a big name company. You learn the ropes, progress to a higher position, but you’re still young, so you’re out partying, you know, being a mid-20’s male.

Soon 5 years have passed, you’ve progressed in your career and in a position you’re pretty happy with- it has potential for future growth- which is the goal. Now you’re into your 30’s, the partying has definitely changed and it seems to be more around client lunches and dinners. Beers, wine and more. The energetic guy who first got into this career has changed shape- he’s fatter, he’s much busier and he’s tired.

Your body doesn’t get the attention it should. Exercise, food and sleep all suffer. Coffee and quick bites feature heavily.


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