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Unleash your alpha next weekend

The chemistry of masciline attraction

Mike Campbell of Unleash Your Alpha strikes again, with his weekend ‘Masculine Attraction’ workshops. If you live in Sydney, are looking to improve your health and life, gain some clarity and purpose and be more confident, then I can’t think of a better man than Mike to help you do that. Seriously. He loves what… [Read More]

7 Winter Bathroom Essentials


Winter months mean cooler weather and longer showers. We also tend to hibernate and spend more time at home. To make the whole bathroom experience a little more comfortable, but without resorting to underfloor heating and towel heaters, here are some winter bathroom essentials you could benefit from…. 1. THICK, FLUFFY TOWELS When is the… [Read More]

Vipp Shelters


I have been drooling over this company, Vipp for some time now. When I did some research and found out the brand started in 1939 in Denmark when Holger Nielsen made a bin with his metal lathe for his new wife for her hairdressing salon, I knew it was worth finding out more. Fast forward… [Read More]

Introducing MAN MAIL – An online store selling luxury gift boxes for men

Introducing MAN MAIL by Kate Abdou

Why I have launched a new business called MAN MAIL Designer Man Cave is more than 2 years old now and from the get-go, it has always been lifestyle based which has opened me up to whole world beyond furniture. Yes, the main offering is all things interiors and design for men, but I am… [Read More]