Airtasker assembles your furniture so you can do better things with your time

If you live in Sydney (on the east coast of Australia) and want to outsource the putting together of your new furniture, look no further. The company Airtasker has crossed my path and is something worth sharing with you! The online network connects people who need help (with home, garden, deliveries, handymen, IT….) with people who specialise in those tasks. It’s a win win for everyone involved. I’m all for outsourcing, whether it be something I can’t do, don’t have time to do, or even don’t want to do. And as our schedules get more full by the week, it makes sense to take the load off a little doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you rather spend your precious time after work relaxing or cooking dinner, than putting together your latest Ikea purchase?

bedroom wardrobe

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Jaguar XE and 10 ultimate garages

The latest Jaguar XE has the latest innovation, technology and design. It is a new generation of car and when I heard it has new Advanced Aluminium Architecture, I was immediately intrigued. Anytime beautiful design, construction and efficiency are combined, I take a moment to take a good look. And if it’s good, I share it with you!

Inspired by luxury cars, it got me thinking about where they are kept. It’s great to have a luxury toy, but it’s even better when it’s parked somewhere of equal prestige. So I hit the ground/Google running and came up with 10 of my favourite aspirational garages that I think you gents might like….

DMC garages_Jagular XE

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DMC EXCLUSIVE: The Chemistry Of Masculine Attraction

Mr Mike Campbell is a well know gent around the traps of Designer Man Cave and if you have been part of the cave for while, you will have seen his name, face, articles and most probably his healthily sculpted personal trainer body. For those of you who don’t know Mike, he is the Author of Unleash Your Alpha, and the champion of 52 Meats in 52 Weeks. He is also a geek when it comes to training, food and health. He pours his energy (and has done for 10 years) into fine tuning the best ways for guys to look awesome, feel better and love their lives.

Introductions over, and now I want to share with you (especially you Sydney blokes), an exclusive offer that Mike is offering my Designer Man Cave readers and clients – the opportunity to partake in his half day training – THE CHEMISTRY OF MASCULINE ATTRACTION…

Unleash Your Alpha

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A food cleanse from Dietlicious that doesn’t involve starving yourself

Now all the Christmas/New Year/Australia Day/party season festivities are well and truly over, there is a company who can help you re-set your digestive system and get back on track of good health. Dietlicious is perfect for busy people who have a love/hate relationship with diets. Dietlicious promote healthy eating of good quality, natural produce and the best of all, they do ALL the preparation for you. They even deliver it to your door! The meals are flash frozen or vacuum sealed to lock in all the goodness and flavour so all you need to do is heat and eat.

I’ve done a couple of the Dietlicious cleanse plans before (a 5 day and a 10 day) and found it most beneficial to break some bad eating habits and in my case, unnecessary snacking. Admittedly I graze like a cow (in the nicest possible way!) but quite often find myself eating unnecessarily large portions at meal times and/or snacking for taste, not hunger. After 5 days, it re-set my bad habits and got me back on the health wagon, which I try to stay on most of the time but occasionally fall off – like most people!

vege stack brand

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