A new look for sneakers site IDYSM

Attention all sneaker fans: I have introduced the go-to site of all things street style by creative and incredibly talented Mr Lester Jones before and I’ve even been lucky enough to be featured on it. Now, I Dig Your Sole Man has had a refresh worth sharing. Whether you are into sneakers (classic and new), reading interviews about interesting people, keeping up with latest of kick related events or where to shop, I encourage you to bookmark IDYSM.



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Maldives Cheval Blanc Randheli Resort

One of my favourite things to do when life is manic, is to take a moment to dream. I mostly fantasise about holiday locations. The official term for this dreamy state is Wander-lust: a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. I’m not sure what your bucket list is looking like, but mine grows every week. Topping that list at this very moment in [Sydney winter] time is the Maldives Cheval Blanc Randheli Resort. When LVMH, the owners of luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Céline, Dior, etc. build a resort, you just know it’s going to be amazing.

Chevalblanc-Maldives-water villas-4-Designer Man Cave

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How to store your music at home

This article comes care of a fantastic question that one of my lovely subscribers asked me. I love coming up with a balance of practical and aesthetic solutions for my readers and their man space homes – it’s what I do! This is the question that inspired todays article about how to store your music at home:

I have a massive passion for music and I have a huge CD collection that I barely use anymore and secondly I am in the process of buying a turntable and speakers for my apartment. I guess my questions are what are your clients doing with CDs they no longer use, as most have moved to digital. Do they store them or is there a great modern way to display them? Then do you have any ideas for the ideal Man Cave set up for having a turntable and speakers and small record collection. When I Google pictures of the turntable and records I seem to only get old 70′s style photos or DJ set ups…. – BEN

CD storage_3_Designer Man Cave
This timber shelving that mimics the window frame, is a nice storage idea for CDs which can sometimes look out of place. The shelves are a well proportioned for the wall size and are the perfect width for the CD cases

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Designer flatpack furniture by NOMI

The furniture industry is continually evolving and I love it! I have an appreciation of both ends of the scale (and everything in between), from family run Italian furniture companies who have been operating for decades, to brand new startups that think outside the square for todays market. Which brings me to the latter – introducing NOMI.

Nomi furniture - Designer Man Cave

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