The new age of motorcycling by Luke Dean-Weymark

I’ve been a motorcyclist for more than ten years, starting from a young age I made the progression from dirt bikes to road bikes and have never looked back. But not everyone shares the same love and enthusiasm for motorcycling.  During my time in the saddle I often find myself in passionate debates on cars vs bikes especially when it comes to travel and commuting.  Along with the added financial benefits there’s of course the adrenaline rush that comes with riding,  lane-splitting (depending on which state you’re in), the sense of freedom, leather jackets and long rides on the weekend that spark a sense of adventure that can only be harnessed on two wheels. Oh and did I mention sex appeal?

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How to budget for a man space home or office makeover

Ask a man about the value and quality of his suit, shoes and watch and the response will come quickly and with ease. It’s these specialty mens products that gents are familiar with, because they purchase them regularly. The same rules apply to interior products, so I am here to get you up to speed so you can become as wised up about your coffee table purchase as you are about your last shoe purchase.

One of the first questions I ask my clients when we first chat about their interior project is what their budget is. The response is commonly “ummmm” and fair enough! If I weren’t a designer and trained about furniture, finishes and all things interior, I wouldn’t know what value to place on home products either. The thing is, until there is a dollar figure on what you have allocated to spend, the furniture shopping can’t begin. Here’s the catch 22 though, you can’t name a figure when you don’t know how much things cost.

Via Diario Design
Via Diario Design

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Chatting sport and man caves with guest Pete Daly

It’s time to welcome another guest to the cave because when the DMC topic of sport arose, I knew who to call. One of the most sports passionate men I know is the lovely Pete Daly. Having a twin brother to play against, there was no way sport wasn’t going to be part of Pete’s life. They competed in cricket, basketball, tennis, football….you get the point. Cricket and rugby league tie for Pete’s favourite sports of all time (which he credits to his Dad), but being a kid in the 90′s, he was also caught up in the Michael Joran craze and has been keeping tabs on the NBA ever since. Over to you Pete…

Vintage sport boxing gloves

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H&M has arrived

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time and have done many H&M shops while travelling overseas. The doors are now open in Melbourne’s historic GPO building and the trip down there for the opening didn’t disappoint. The architecture of the building was incredible and there was a tonne of floor space filled with a wide selection of well priced clothing and accessories. I’ve featured H&M in the lead up to the Australian launch in this article. Here is an extra feature of pics from the official launch party…

H&M-official photos - 4

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