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Vipp Shelters

I have been drooling over this company, Vipp for some time now. When I did some research and found out the brand started in 1939 in Denmark when Holger Nielsen made a bin with his metal lathe for his new wife for her hairdressing salon, I knew it was worth finding out more. Fast forward to today and the company is into its third generation and manufacturing a lot more than pedal bins. Bathrooms, kitchens and my favourite, prefabricated ‘shelters’ that are an instant 55m2 all-inclusive nature retreat.


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Why I have launched a new business called Man Mail

Designer Man Cave is more than 2 years old now and from the get-go, it has always been lifestyle based which has opened me up to whole world beyond furniture. Yes, the main offering is all things interiors and design for men, but I am passionate about what I do and the help, education (and hopefully inspiration!) I offer to men. The interior world has always been very geared towards women and as I found a niche and Designer Man Cave has evolved, it’s been great to deliver my perspective and masculine finds, because I know there are PLENTY of men out there who appreciate good style and design, especially when it comes to their home.

Man Mail-website


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Airtasker assembles your furniture so you can do better things with your time

If you live in Sydney (on the east coast of Australia) and want to outsource the putting together of your new furniture, look no further. The company Airtasker has crossed my path and is something worth sharing with you! The online network connects people who need help (with home, garden, deliveries, handymen, IT….) with people who specialise in those tasks. It’s a win win for everyone involved. I’m all for outsourcing, whether it be something I can’t do, don’t have time to do, or even don’t want to do. And as our schedules get more full by the week, it makes sense to take the load off a little doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you rather spend your precious time after work relaxing or cooking dinner, than putting together your latest Ikea purchase?

bedroom wardrobe

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