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Why I design and specialise in man spaces

A common question I’m asked is not only what I do, but why I do it and specialise in man spaces. After countless articles on DMC, I realised it is something I haven’t shared with you in detail before. Interior design for me, isn’t just about furniture, paint colours and making spaces aesthetically pleasing. It goes a lot deeper than that, so here is a little about my journey and the creation of Designer Man Cave….

Kate Abdou - Designer Man Cave

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How to budget for a man space home or office makeover

Ask a man about the value and quality of his suit, shoes and watch and the response will come quickly and with ease. It’s these specialty mens products that gents are familiar with, because they purchase them regularly. The same rules apply to interior products, so I am here to get you up to speed so you can become as wised up about your coffee table purchase as you are about your last shoe purchase.

One of the first questions I ask my clients when we first chat about their interior project is what their budget is. The response is commonly “ummmm” and fair enough! If I weren’t a designer and trained about furniture, finishes and all things interior, I wouldn’t know what value to place on home products either. The thing is, until there is a dollar figure on what you have allocated to spend, the furniture shopping can’t begin. Here’s the catch 22 though, you can’t name a figure when you don’t know how much things cost.

Via Diario Design
Via Diario Design

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Before you start shopping for your man space home or office

It’s time to go back to basics and before I show you anymore interior ideas or drool-worthy designer furniture, here are some tips for the very beginning of the decorating process and I promise it is an easy way to lean into the decorating process. The first thing I want you to do is sit back, take a moment and plan. Shopping for your home can be an overwhelming task, so before you start thinking about what to shop for, figure out what you already have. Doing an inventory check of your stuff seems like a simple way to start and it is!


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Mini Man Caves

Masculine spaces aren’t just for big guys. Those big guys were once little guys and with interior decoration covering all room types, I have taken a design interest in boys rooms. With teenagers and little boys rooms on the cards in the future, I decided to start from the bottom up. Nurseries, or ‘baby boy man caves’ (as I like to refer to them in DMC terms!) are an important room of the house. It is not only a personalised room that is fun and looks great, but it also needs to be practical, nurturing and comfortable. It is their little sanctuary and they spend a lot of time in there as they grow up, so why not deck it out as thoughtfully as you do the rest of your house? The typically blue boys room is classic, but here are a few nurseries that took my eye…

Boys nursery_Kate Abdou Design_Designer Man Cave
Kate Abdou Design

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