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The awe inspiring Melbourne home design by KPDO

Every now and again, an interior completely stops me in my tracks. I came to a dead halt this week when scrolling through this Middle Park Home in Melbourne designed by Kerry Phelan Design Office and architecture by Chamberlain Javens Architects. What a dynamic team they made and I can only imagine how thrilled their client was with the results. Luxurious. Timeless. Quality. Check it out….

KPDO-Middle House-11

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The big reveal of the completed MAN CAVE SYDNEY

It is with total joy that I start this fresh new year by sharing a very special interior project that was such a big part of Designer Man Cave in 2014. Introducing… Man Cave Sydney, a cosmetic medical clinic for men in the heart of Sydney CBD. The space has been designed with the upmost attention to detail and specification for the range and experiences of anti-ageing treatments tailored for men. With an entrance, waiting room, mini golf, consultation room and three treatment rooms, I have A LOT to show you!

Man Cave Sydney-4

Man Cave Sydney-24

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Inspiring office spaces

Considering we spend so much of our time working, that is every reason to make our work space as comfortable, functional and appealing as we would our home. I have recently partnered with TGC – leased commercial real estate, property and office spaces in Sydney.  Taking a step away from the residential realm, I wanted to share with you, some inspiring office spaces…

TCG_Vincent Van Duysen_office design_2

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5 stylish storage solutions

Storage and shelving is a MUST in any man space. The more available storage to put things, the more likely you are to put them there. Sounds like a no-brainer, and it is! Open shelving also acts as a design feature to display your books and collectibles. If you are not so keen on the openness, storage with drawers and cupboards is the way to go. Minimising the amount of stuff lying around and stacked on your surfaces and the floor will not only create a nicer environment for you to be in, but for your visiting guests. Here are my favourite stylish storage solutions on the market right now…

Stylish Storage-Designer Man Cave

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