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Inspiring office spaces

Considering we spend so much of our time working, that is every reason to make our work space as comfortable, functional and appealing as we would our home. I have recently partnered with TGC – leased commercial real estate, property and office spaces in Sydney.  Taking a step away from the residential realm, I wanted to share with you, some inspiring office spaces…

TCG_Vincent Van Duysen_office design_2

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5 stylish storage solutions

Storage and shelving is a MUST in any man space. The more available storage to put things, the more likely you are to put them there. Sounds like a no-brainer, and it is! Open shelving also acts as a design feature to display your books and collectibles. If you are not so keen on the openness, storage with drawers and cupboards is the way to go. Minimising the amount of stuff lying around and stacked on your surfaces and the floor will not only create a nicer environment for you to be in, but for your visiting guests. Here are my favourite stylish storage solutions on the market right now…

Stylish Storage-Designer Man Cave

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Commercial man space now in construction!

It has been all work and only a little bit of play at Designer Man Cave in the recent months. You may remember part one of an exciting DMC commercial man space project that I shared with you in August. The project has now hit the next phase, so I am keen to share part 2 with you! Here’s whats been going down….

Before photo - Designer Man Cave

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3 simple ways to add a homely touch

Adding personal touches to your home takes your interior from either feeling empty and lifeless, or mimicking a furniture showroom. Your home, like you, is unique, one of a kind and it should reflect who you are and how you like to live. It is your story of passions and memories not only for you to appreciate daily, but for your guests to step into, admire and feel like they are a part of your world. I’m not talking about clutter and dust collectors, because I am the first advocate of minimising things to clean around the house…there are plenty of better things in life to do and enjoy! However you’d like to think of this, whether it be a ‘feminine touch’, ‘the finishing touches’ or adding a level of ‘sensitivity to your home’, here are 3 simple ways to add a homely touch to your man space…

Homely interior inspiration_cactus_1

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